Wednesday, January 23, 2008

metaphors about/with snow

a light dusting • heavy and wet • a blanket • corn • Snow White • deep powder • I melted under her glare • his dandruff drifted... • Words like winter snowflakes (How Odysseus could speak) • She blizzarded me with messages • Snow Crash • My snow-hearted mistress • Don’t snow on my parade • I felt-snowed in • A snow-day of the spirit • Her snowy voice fell over us • Swimming in snow • Her eyes were snow globes • A flurrying laugh • A Sahara of Snow

"...of the moral teachings of snow": many extended metaphors

I may be missing the UP, just a little, desiring to sit in the convalescent chair looking out to the Portage on a night like this.

(And, yes, those aren’t all technically metaphors. And I didn't say they had to be good.)


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bonnie lenore kyburz said...

it's not a metaphor, but i think that our local weather people believe that it rises to that occasion when they "dress up" their language and talk of "precip," or, (the worst), "the white stuff." it's kind of horribly funny. but horrible.